Here at Cavendish, we believe that good corporate governance builds confidence among shareholders, employees, partners, customers, and other stakeholders, and thereby supports maximum value creation over time. As a company which conducts business on all continents, our compliance system is vital in order to achieve sustainable value creation and a robust culture.

Our ambition is to end emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. For more than two decades, we have been at the forefront of developing hydrogen fueling solutions for road-going vehicles. Building on our unique experience, we aim to deliver hydrogen fueling solutions that are safer, faster, and more reliable than any alternative – all while reducing emissions.  Cavendish Hydrogen is not just about providing an alternative; it is about setting a new standard for fueling heavy-duty vehicles – with reliable fueling solutions.

Executive management

  • Robert Borin


  • Marcus Halland


Leadership team

  • Elsebeth Haarup Rasmussen

    Head of Human Resources

  • Martin Keller

    Head of R&D

  • Karsten Poulsen

    Head of Operations

  • Michael Dahl Olsen

    Head of Strategy

  • Michael Ewald Stefan

    Head of PLM

  • Martin Anton Pfandl

    Head of Sales

  • Peder Hykkelbjerg Hansen

    Head of Projects and Service

  • Søren Højgaard

    Head of QHSE

  • Stefan Thorsteinsson

    General Counsel

Our Board

  • Jon André Løkke (b. 1970)


  • Mimi K. Berdal (b. 1959)

    Board Member

  • Vibeke Strømme (b. 1964)

    Board Member

  • Allan Bødskov Andersen (b.1972)

    Board Member

  • Kim Søgård Kristensen (b.1971)

    Board Member