We are Cavendish Hydrogen

Cavendish Hydrogen is not just about providing an alternative; it is about setting a new standard for fueling heavy-duty vehicles – with reliable fueling solutions.


Our ambition is to end emissions from mobility. For more than two decades, we have been at the forefront of developing hydrogen fueling solutions for road-going vehicles. Building on our unique experience, we aim to deliver hydrogen fueling solutions that are safer, faster, and more reliable than any alternative – all while reducing emissions.


Oslo Børs opens up - stock exchange debutant valued at NOK 975 million.

Cavendish Hydrogen, which has been separated from Nel, is valued at NOK 975 million in its stock market debut.

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Goes public with "well over" 450,000 shareholders

A host of hydrogen-interested German investors join the bandwagon when Nel's fueling stations are listed on the stock exchange. Nel-topp will not speculate on whether there may be selling pressure in the share.

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Robert Borin

A new beginning | Interview with CEO Robert Borin

The global market for hydrogen fueling equipment is growing rapidly. From 2024 to 2030, the combined size of the markets in the US and Europe is projected to be between 6,5 billion euros and 7 billion euros. By establishing this new company, we aim to take a significant market share in both key markets.

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