Meet Claus Vad

Continuous Improvement Engineer at Cavendish

Claus Vad

What do you do, and for how long have you been working at Cavendish?

I've been with the company for five years, and I'm working with operational excellence within the
R&D department. Operational excellence focuses on the development of the company and our
ways of working. I'm positioned directly under our vice president of R&D, providing holistic
solutions to the R&D leaders. I analyze our business processes and look at the tools portfolio that we use to carry out our designs, ensuring that we have good synergies and that we don't have
bottlenecks in our workflows.


What is the most exciting part of your job?

In recent times, there's been a lot of growth in the company, and we've been onboarding a lot of
new employees in R&D. All these people come with plenty of experience, from other companies.
We need to get them onboarded into our standard way of working, but we also need them to see
our work with fresh eyes and propose ways we can improve. It’s exciting to constantly search for
the right balance between business transformation and continuity.


What's the best part about working at Cavendish in Herning?

It's inspiring to see that all people in all departments are passionate about what we're working on.
You can see that this is more than just a pen-and-paper kind of job. Everybody feels they're
contributing to some breakthrough technology that is really solving a problem for society. And that
brings out passion in many of our people, which is inspiring to work with.


How would you describe the development of Cavendish in the past years – and what are your
hopes for the future of the new company?

Hydrogen for mobility is a relatively young industry. Unlike more established sectors like aerospace
or the automotive industry, there's still not much legislation and standards to govern solutions, but
it is getting better. So, we are actively contributing to international standardization work. My hope
for the future is that standards and international frameworks will be more established because
then we can have a more seamless process for developing new products and launching them on
the market.