Meet Cecilia Lykke Andersen

Project Engineer at Cavendish

Cecilia Andersen

What do you do, and for how long have you been working at Cavendish?

I've been working at Cavendish for about four and a half years. As a project engineer, I receive all the information about our products and modules from our R&D department, and then we as project engineers assemble the modules all together on the specific sites. We design the site with the customers and do all the drawings for the project – how to interconnect the electricals and all the piping, 2D drawings, and 3D drawings of the pipes – and then collect it all in packages to give to the customers and our technicians to install everything on site. I also support and mentor the other project engineers because I have been here the longest and have the most experience.


What is the most exciting part of your job?

Designing the sites and figuring out how to make the customer and our internal stakeholders happy. This is one of the most exciting parts, developing a site. Safety is of top importance and at the same time we also want the products to look good for the customers and perform the best.


What's the best part about working at Cavendish in Herning?

The best part is our team. I really like my colleagues. We have an excellent relationship, and we work well together. It's also exciting to work on figuring out what the prototype modules and equipment will be like and see how everything works together and if we're going to reach our goals.


How would you describe the development of Cavendish in the past years – and what are your

hopes for the future of the new company?

The company has expanded a lot, so there are more colleagues than when I started. But I think the close community we have had between the different departments is still there. The company still feels like a tight community, and I really like that, even though we are expanding, so I hope we can keep that going. Also, with the new prototype we're building, I definitely hope that we can expand and be even bigger in the market. I hope we will satisfy many new customers and get more hydrogen-fueled trucks and buses on the road.