A day of change and celebration in Herning

On the day of Cavendish Hydrogen's official listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange, employees at the company headquarters in Herning, Denmark, gathered to celebrate.

Cavendish flag_6 rigtig god

The facility in Herning was decked out with Cavendish balloons, and a classic Danish whipped cream cake decorated with the Cavendish Hydrogen logo was ordered to mark the special occasion. In the afternoon, CEO Robert Borin addressed the Herning employees in a town hall session about the public listing.


Per Kristiansen, a quality technician with eight years of experience working with hydrogen-refueling solutions as part of Nel Hydrogen, described the development leading up to the establishment of Cavendish in one word: wild.

"Today, we have become an independent company. I look forward to some exciting years for Cavendish Hydrogen,"

Kristiansen says.

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A company standing on its own two feet


For the Herning employees, the day of Cavendish's public listing was not just marked by CFO Marcus Halland and CEO Robert Borin ringing the ceremonial bell at the Oslo Stock Exchange. It was also marked by some very visible changes in their immediate working environment.


Flags and signs with the brand-new Cavendish logo were installed inside and outside the building. Everyone working in production changed into their new Cavendish-green workwear. Cavendish logo t-shirts were handed out to athletes on the employee running team, who were set to represent the company in a corporate relay event the same day.


Lasse Juul Rud Kvisgaard, Director of Systems Engineering, was tasked with a ceremonial assignment—distributing the new Cavendish-branded access cards and collecting the old ones. 

"It's been an exciting journey. We've gotten this far, and now we're standing on our own two feet. I think it's great, it really makes me proud,"

Ruud says.

Lasse Ruud (1)

For Tina Biel, Cavendish Hydrogen's Front Office Team Lead, the day of Cavendish's public listing was a fitting finale for a hectic period of intense teamwork.

"There are so many people, in the entire organization, who have worked very hard to get us where we are today,"

Biel says.

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"We have a really skilled and competent team here at Cavendish. Everyone deserves a big pat on the back today."

Cavendish Hydrogen.